URAD USA - The Leather Care Professionals
       The Original One-Step Leather Care Product From Milan, Italy
    Urad is an amazing product. It was developed over fifty years ago in Italy by two brothers. From small beginnings this product is now sold world wide to millions of very satisfied customers. Its ease of use, its amazing results on so many varied applications, its long shelf life and its economy make it a favorite to the people who enjoy its many benefits.
    Urad is available in several colors so it can fit whatever needs you have. The favorite is the neutral which will amazingly restore the color and finish to leather surfaces you would think impossible to restore. This is one product you need to have if you have any leather or vinyl products at all!
    Urad East understands there are many false conceptions about leather and the treatment of it so we have included some information on the "About Leather" page to help clear all of this false information up. The more you know about your leather the better you can care for it.
    Our distributorship has been helping people all over America with their leather problems since 1995. Urad has not only won awards in Italy but in the hearts of our customers as well.
    We strive to provide the selection and colors of our products to our customers and anyone who just wants to know and understand how to fix and avoid problems that plague them on a daily basis with their leather and vinyl possessions.
    The reason Urad has become so popular is the very fact that it WORKS! It is a true all natural one-step leather and vinyl cleaner, conditioner, protector and waterproofer.
    We stand behind every product we sell with a 100% money back guarantee for any reason if you are not completely satisfied! At Urad East we are committed to bringing you a world class product for your fine leathers. We are here for the person who demands quality and are tired of all the other store bought leather care products that seem to have more "AMAZING" results in the marketing sector and the description label than they do when used on your leather.
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